Growing Pains / Quality > Quantity

Hey all!

In an effort to make sure everything I sell is of the highest quality, I'm having to put some product availability on hold for the moment. I love the idea of "Print on Demand", because it eliminates the need for inventory, and it makes it possible for me to offer designs in so many different ways! However, I'm feeling like I need to make sure I'm working with the most top-notch companies available, and that's going to require a little more trial & error and product testing on my end. In the meantime, I'm still selling products on Society 6, which I have ordered from and can totally vouch for the quality.


Thanks for understanding, and if any of you know of companies that do this kind of thing, offer cool products and are responsible & sustainable, please let me know! I'm really looking to expand into everyday items and textile design. 




(This case available on Society6)